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CCNP642-821考试大纲详情 - C114通信人才网
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CCNA 642-821 BCRAN
General Knowledge
Describe how different WAN technologies can be used to provide remote access to a network, including asynchronous dial-in, Frame Relay, ISDN, cable modem, and DSL
Describe traffic control methods used to manage traffic flow on WAN links
Explain the operation of remote network access control methods
Identify PPP components, and explain the use of PPP as an access and encapsulation method
Describe the structure and operation of virtual private network technologies
Describe the process of Network Address Translation (NAT)

Implementation and Operation
Configure asynchronous modems and router interfaces to provide network access
Configure an ISDN solution for remote access
Configure frame relay operation and traffic control on WAN links
Configure access control to manage and limit remote access
Configure DSL operation using Cisco IOS
Configure VPN operation using Cisco IOS
Configure Network Address Translation (NAT)

Planning and Design
Design a Cisco remote access solution using asynchronous dial-up technology
Plan a Cisco ISDN solution for remote access or primary link back-up
Design a Cisco frame relay infrastructure to provide access between remote network components
Design a solution of access control to meet required specifications
Plan traffic shaping to meet required quality of service on access links

Troubleshoot non-functional remote access systems
Troubleshoot a VPN system
Troubleshoot traffic control problems on a WAN link

新版本的642-821删掉WIN 95/NT拨号配置,增加了DSL技术包括:ADSL,VDSL,SDSL,S.SHDSL,IDSL等DSL技术,PPPoE, PPPoA协议, Cable技术,此外增加了VPN包括IPSec和加密技术。该书的QoS和BCMSN课程相似,与以前相比变化很多。



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